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Porcelain Patio & Walkway Pavers
For pathways and walkways, plan for a width of at least 36 inches, 40 to 48 inches wide is best.
When transitioning from walkways to driveways; you need to design your plans to allow enough space for large and small vehicles, as you don't know what guests, service contractors and delivery companies will be driving. There also needs to be enough space to allow vehicle doors open for people to move comfortably around the car or truck. Also check with the building department, if this job is under permit there may be some regulatory compliance factors regarding the width of the driveway and compaction of the base materials.
Joints between pavers eliminate the weight stress that builds up in many concrete driveways that often occur in conventional concrete pavement. These stressed areas then crack up over time, quality pavers installed on fresh Class II road base and masons sand don't suffer in that way.

Patio & Walkway Pavers