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California Building Material Supply
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California Building Material Supply is the pioneering development of E-commerce in the aggregate and stone industry the USA the development of the web site EarthStoneRock.com. EarthStoneRock.com is leading the way by seeking out all of the materials in the regions we service and presenting all of the choices to architects, contractors, masonry and gravel yards and directly to consumers. Many people in the industry and the public are surprised to find out there are some many options for functional and decorative gravel, rock and crafted stone within the LEED designated 500 mile radius of origin, and often within their own local region.
Lets face the reality that most of the consumers of the material in our industry are becoming very informed and concerned with the environmentally issues surrounding the ecosystems and natural habitats of quarries, heavy equipment and highway truck emissions and thus need to source locally as much as possible.
Through our advanced E-commerce platform, informative instructional and educational videos on Youtube and social media photo pages on Houzz, Pinterest and Facebook, EarthStoneRock.com is presenting environmentally responsible options that were buyers were not aware of before. Instead of driving all over congested freeways looking for materials that may or may not meet your expectations you can order samples from us.
Planners, architects, contractors and design professionals and consumers are able to improve upon the finished quality of their landscape with lower costs. alike. We strive to pair the most appropriate stone to each project’s requirements while offering the broadest selection and best value in the industry. We are constantly pursuing sources of new materials and responsible cost effective means of transporting them. We encourage you to use our strength of sourcing the broadest selection and best value in the industry to get a bid for your project.
California Building Material Supply